I needed 2 bathrooms redone; One fairly large master bathroom and one small guest bathroom (half bath). I interviewed several contractors and gave them a basic concept that I had in mind for the bathrooms. After being blown out of the water with huge estimates from several companies, I was pleasantly surprised when they came back with something very reasonable.


They remodeled two bathrooms in my condo in less than two weeks. They were nasty (the bathrooms), typical linoleum and old tile with mildew stains, not to mention the rusted fixtures. With my busy work schedule, I was weary in hiring anyone to work on my place because I couldn’t be there to oversee most of the time and I didn’t want to give anyone a key to my place.
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As soon as I moved into my new house, I knew the bathrooms had to go. They were probably 30 plus years old and it showed. Being price conscious, I shopped around looking for the best estimate and of course someone I felt comfortable with.